A clear understanding of user and business needs provides an essential foundation to build successful software solutions.

Researching needs and solutions

  1. Workshops (virtual and RL) to capture the requirements of both the organisation and users
  2. Depth interviews to explore information gathered during the workshops
  3. Technical and manual site audits
  4. Desk research
  5. Development of user scenarios including personas that capture triggers, outcomes and top tasks, and user journeys


Using the right mix of UX at the beginning of your project provides clarity through design and development.

Designing the user experience

  1. Identification of design problems highlighted by the research
  2. Design sprints to problem solve with stakeholders and/or end users
  3. Information architecture development including sitemap and taxonomies
  4. Wireframe and interactive prototype development
  5. Workflow development to clearly demonstrate how each user interacts with the system and each other


Creating a clear, human-focused visual language helps guide users to the information they need.

Designing the user interface

  1. Concept development and design
  2. Icon set design using SVG
  3. Infographic design
  4. Design pattern library design

Designing for print

  1. Logo and brand design
  2. Design of business cards, leaflets and brochures


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsive, mobile first, front end development with back end integration.

Building our solution

  1. Responsive front end build using HTML and CSS
  2. jQuery integration for dynamic elements
  3. Template integration with backend (PHP, ASP, coldfusion etc)
  4. WordPress theme development
  5. Design pattern library creation