About me

I’m a British designer based in Elgin TX. I have a passion for creating, both digitally and physically. I work as a Freelance UX Designer while also running a small creative business. I’m also a member of several community organisations supporting local artists and businesses.

Professional background

I have twenty years experience planning, designing and building websites, apps and online software. During this time I have developed a passion for creating systems that are highly usable, accessible and, in recent years, responsive.

I work with charities, startups and small businesses, where I specialise in creating an online presence that allows them to manage their own site and content. I aim to create a site that works for their business now, and that can grow with them into the future.

I also have extensive experience working with content heavy sites with very diverse audiences, such as government organisations, NGOs and IGOs. Here clear data and content structuring is paramount, allowing the organisations to serve each audience effectively and efficiently.

I am adept at quickly understanding business and user requirements often taking a project from planning and scoping right through to development. I’m also happy to dip in and offer support where it’s most need.

Combining my strengths as both a UX designer and front end developer, I am able to bring a unique set of skills to my work, particularly in a leadership role. I take a very collaborative approach to each project ensuring that all stakeholders and team members are involved and are able to contribute to creating a successful product.

Away from the day job